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Get to know the future founder!

Founder Anne at the Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary and Preserve in Montague, NJ.

Hi there!

My name is Anne Langworthy and i'm the future founder of Homestead Farm Sanctuary and Preserve.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by nature and animals. I was born and raised in central Ohio (#gobucks), which was the perfect environment to foster a love for farms and wildlife. My first memory of falling in love with farm animals was while watching the 1995 film Babe. From what I can remember, that was the birth of my obsession with pigs! I cannot count the number of pig stuffed animals i've had in my life (and still have to this day..). The love of farm animals grew with each visit to my aunt and uncle's horse farm in rural Pennsylvania. No matter the chore that needed done in the barn, I would have done anything to do it, just to spend a little extra time around the magnificent beings. In the dead of winter I would be ecstatic to throw on my snow gear and trek out to the barn to check their water and give them some hay, make sure they were comfortable in the barn, safe from the weather.

When college came around, I chose to go to a small school that had its own college farm and prides itself on the sustainability of the campus and students. I majored in Environmental Science with a focus in Ecology (with a random Art History minor thrown in there). Learning about the environment, focusing on how animals interact with each other and with their surroundings solidified my want to have a future with animals and the world they live in.

Now here I am, working in tech in NYC. Did I stray from my goals and dreams? Yes. Am I working on getting myself back to doing what I love? Absolutely.

And that's how the idea of the Homestead Farm Sanctuary was born. While this is just a dream of mine now, i'm doing everything in my power to make this become a reality.


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